Geo Grang Grang Lens

The Grang Grang series by Geo Medical was first introduced in the year 2012 and since then it has been used by several users to naturally enhance the beauty of their eyes. Two tons of brown color are used in these Geo Grang Grang Choco lenses. This is done to provide a slight reflection to get the extra shine in your eyes.

These lenses come in pairs with a diameter of 14.2 m which fits the iris perfectly. They are designed in such a way that they have 38% of water content which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. People with normal eyes as well as those who are myopic can use these brown colored lenses. These lenses come in their own case which makes their handling pretty easy.

Choose from the wide range of Geo Grang Grang Choco lenses here and discover the enhanced eye features.

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