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Raegan F.

I ordered these on October 4th, and they arrived on October 12th! (They might've arrived earlier as I hadn't been home for a couple days)
These lenses are so comfortable, I cannot express that enough! You only notice them if you're side glancing and that's it! You don't see the design in your vision either! They have a nice doll like enlarging effect that also looks quite natural on brown eyes. The design is a bit lighter than my natural eye color so it looks like there's glints of light brown in them. Highly recommend for a first time pair! Will definitely buy again next year!

Adelynn Luna

These are the most comfortable contact lens, I have ever used! Throughout the day its like I cant even feel them. They're amazing. I love them. They give me such a natural look as well. They're not too out there. Hope this review helped

Eunice Thompson

i love love these geo contact lenses, they are the best, very cute, lovely and comfortable

ABOUT GEOCONTACTLENS.NET is founded in 2007 and started to sell geo lenses and clear contact lenses thereafter. Circle lenses are more or less the same as your normal colored contacts. It corrects your vision and also enhances the beauty of your eyes too. You will feel somehow more confident after wearing. Absolutely more alluring, attractive and defined. You can rest assure the contact lenses you purchase from us are genuine. Geo Medical adapts Sandwich Printing Technology to manufacture a high quality and safe circle lens. We also carry many other brands including Acuvue, Air Optix, Clariti, Biotrue, PureVision etc. 

Our Geo lenses are high quality and safety guaranteed, our users or customers are always seeking products with good reviews and affordable. The prescribed contacts lenses that have been carefully provided for you on this platform with these criteria in mind are to give you that dashing and beautiful look you so much desire. The contact lenses here are of high quality and yet very affordable. There are many retail outlets or online platforms that provide these contacts for sales but none can compare with the quality and prices that are available here. There is a wide variant of soft lenses and colored contacts lenses on this platform with each having top reviews from those that have purchased and used the products.

The large collections of these contact lenses that are available here are not just for a particular class of people but for all classes of people. Though, these contact lenses are for daily, working, outings and cosmetic purposes, which help in enhancing the facial look of the user. It can also enhance the fashion style of an individual. In the same vein, you can make a purchase for these colored contacts lenses from any part of the world and the product will be delivered to you in a safe condition at a very low price. We offer fast delivery services. You can go through this platform and check out the range of prescription contacts that are available for purchase at an affordable price. Quality contacts at affordable prices are one combination you can’t get anywhere else. 

What if I don't have my prescription?

We don’t require you to show proof of your prescription. When you purchase lenses from us we take it as confirmation that you have an in-date prescription, and that the details you provide us with are correct.

I don't know what is my prescription. What should I do?

It is necessary to know your prescription for ordering contact lenses even though we do not require you to send in, it is the only way to ensure you are ordering the right lenses for your eyes. Please consult your eye doctor to get the right prescription. For those who do not have any short sighted problem, your eye prescription will be Plano (0.00).

Are your products safe?

Yes, of course! We work hard to ensure all our products are sourced from responsibly managed suppliers to help safeguard future stocks. Our products have been approved by international certificate such as KFDA, ISO 13485:2003 , CE and medical department by some countries.

Do you sell astigmatism lenses?

Yes, we do. Please check out Toric/Astigmatism category for your selection.

Why should I buy from your website instead of optical shops or other websites?

We source our products from multiple suppliers around the world to make sure we can help you to save cost on contact lenses purchase. Our price is very competitive compare with other sellers on the market.

What about the shipping? Do you ship to my countries?

We ship to most of the countries in the world! Do check out our Shipping page for more information.

More questions?

Please check out our FAQs page or drop us a message at