Geo Tri Color Brown Lens (Berry Berry Chessy) CM-902


Brand Geo Medical


Geo Tri Color Brown Lens (Berry Berry Chessy) CM-902

Geo Tri Color Brown lenses by Geo Medical is a favorite among all the Japanese models. This is the most unique form of contact lenses which uses a blend of three shade tints. These lenses have a yellowish tint in the center which merges well with any eye color. They naturally brighten your eyes giving them a makeover instantly.

They have a high moisture content in them, about 38%, which ensures that you can wear these lenses for a long duration without your eyes getting irritated. Gold standard Polymacon material is used for designing these lenses and they can be used for almost a year without the need for replacement. Geo Tri color Brown lenses are 14.2 mm in diameter, this ensures that they fit your iris perfectly and give you the most natural looking eyes.


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