Geo Berry Holic Brown CM-958


Brand Geo Medical


Geo Berry Holic Brown CM-958

Geo Berry Holic Brown CM-958 is a beautifully designed lens in 3 tones and are made available in colors like turquoise, purple, honey brown, vivid brown, emerald green, aqua blue, and lime green. These lenses are 14.2mm in diameter with a base curve of 8.6mm which will blend with your eyes to give a dolly yet natural look. They are a lot of different and nice brown shades that makes it look very interesting than being just flat. These lenses have a water content of 38% and have a lifespan of 1 year.

It's so different looking with a purple ring around than rather having the usual black one. These lenses are very comfortable and are tested to be worn continuously for 6 to eight hours. Also, you get a really nice looking lens case that matches up for your trendy handbag.

Power Available : 0.00 / plano only

Price is for 2 pcs of lenses / 1 pair

Life Span : 1 year

B.C : 8.6 mm

Diameter : 14.20 mm

Water Content : 38%

Geo Berry Holic Brown CM-958

Additional Information
Left Eye Prescription

0.00 (plano)

Right Eye Prescription

0.00 (plano)